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**Coronavirus (COVID-19)**

*UPDATE 5th January 2021*

The Volunteer scheme is still running. Please contact the Clerk on 07917 509009 or 01284 811952 if you require help. If you would like to volunteer please email

The clerk will be contacting every person who registered for help last time in the coming days.

The Parish Council has been delighted with the response to the volunteer scheme. If you know anyone who may be in need of some help, please contact the Clerk on or 07917 509009

The Parish Council along with Barrow and Denham Good Neighbours have introduced a green tick, red cross system. Residents are encouraged to use the green tick to indicate they are ok and the red cross to indicate they need help. If you see any red crosses please call the clerk on 07917 509009

As a response to the current Coronavirus outbreak, the Parish Council is proposing the following initial actions.

We are printing two contact forms.
1. A form for residents to complete if they believe themselves to be in an at risk group and need assistance.
2. A form for residents who are willing to offer help to others and an indication of the sort of assistance they could give.

Forms can be downloaded below:

To ensure that we reach all residents, especially those not using the internet, we intend to hand deliver these forms using a group of volunteers

The Parish Clerk is willing to become the single point of contact for all responses and requests for help. She will collate the forms and hopefully we will be able to match calls for help with an effective offer from within our community.

We have joined together with the volunteer group Barrow Good Neighbours, who already do a great deal of this kind of work, and need assistance to prevent being overwhelmed by the predicted scale of this pandemic.

It is now very clear that this outbreak is not going away soon and will surely get worse before things improve. I do believe that we have a strong sense of community here in Barrow and now is our chance to step up and show what a great place to live Barrow really is.
I would really appreciate it if as many residents as possible engage with our call to complete the contact forms in order to make our response as efficient as possible.

John Pearson
Chairman Barrow cum Denham Parish Council.

Please see the link below for up to date information about the Coronavirus.